An Update

We are getting geared up and ready for the exciting holiday rush! I have my items stocked up and ready to braille for you.  The Braille “Family”cuffs have been a huge hit lately with the names of family members along the top and last name on the bottom or vice versa. Also-“feel the love” cuffs with a wedding date on them! These are great, unique gifts that are all one of a kind!

We have an exciting new item that will be hard to keep in stock. It isn’t braille-able but EVERY girl can use one! It is the Ponylet! – ponytail bracelet. No more cutting off your circulation wearing a ponytail holder. It is a stainless steel cuff that comes in 3 finishes, gold,

rose gold or silver and one size fits all.  I absolutely LOVE these and have already purchased one for every girl in my family!!!

Due to the rush of Christmas orders in the past, I have to make a cut-off date for orders to arrive in time for Christmas.The date this year will be December 10th!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and kick off to the holiday season! As always FEEL THE LOVE!!

– Take Care,



   The inspiration behind my work originated with a remarkable and beautiful young lady – my niece, Sophie. Our family is very grateful that God has chosen to bless us with such a precious angel. Sophie was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 28, 1996 with a rare genetic disorder called Fraser Syndrome. One aspect of Fraser Syndrome is a condition called Cryptopthalmos, which means “hidden eye.” Sophie’s Cryptopthalmos meant that she had skin covering both eyes.

   During the first 18 months of her life, many surgeries were performed attempting to give Sophie a chance to see. Although the surgeries may have been unsuccessful, Sophie has not allowed her blindness to become a handicap. Instead, she has accomplished much more than many average youngsters of her age. Her extraordinary pursuit of learning will no doubt be an awesome life to witness.


   Sophie is now eighteen years old – which is extremely hard for me to believe! She will be heading off to college next year where I know she will absolutely thrive and make a remarkable and brilliant scholar. I would need a pamphlet to list her accolades and accomplishments in her young 18 years. I’ll sum it up by 4.655 GPA!! Sophie encompasses the sweetest charm, a heart of gold and she is extremely passionate about her faith and Taylor Swift, haha!! She has an amazing gift for writing and mark my words…she will be a really famous author someday!

   ‘BRAILLE’iant! began while I was trying to come up with a gift for my sweet Sophie. One thing lead to another, and, with Sophie’s Braille expertise, she has helped me create cute, useful gifts and accessories for the blind or visually impaired. My goal is to promote Braille awareness as well as make available to the blind or visually impaired, fun, sassy items that they can actually read and use. Thank you for your support! Thank you, Sophie, for all of your help with this process!